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My pictures

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Lake Wörth: 1987, oil on wood-fibre, 50x70cm Spring-board diving: 1992, oil on canvas, 62x80cm
Greyness in winter: 1992, oil on canvas, 42x54cm Landscape of the Lowland with shadoof: 1996,oil on wood-fibre, 48x58cm
Peasants backyard: 1986, oil on wood-fibre, 68x98cm Sundown by the Danube: 1996, oil on wood-fibre, 56x46cm
Street in Szentendre: 1991, chalk, paper, 30x45cm Syringas: 1989, oil on canvas, 82x97cm
Sunflowers: 1996, oil on canvas, 60x92cm Gladioluses: 1996, oil on canvas, 72x94cm
Landscape with mountains: 1985, oil on canvas, 32x46cm Dry-bridge in Buda: 1987, coal, paper, 33x48cm
End of the village: 1986, oil on wood-fibre, 40x50cm Allée at Lake Balaton: 1989, oil on wood-fibre, 58x78cm
By the Danube: 1996, oil on wood-fibre, 40x50cm